The Transparent Act: Book Publication 


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The Transparent Act: Transparency, Cognition and Interactivity:

Toward a New Aesthetics of Interactive Media Art

Dr Brigitta Zics


This book presents an artist’s intimate encounter of art by philosophising her practice whilst within

the creative process. It explores the radical shift that technology has brought to the role of

spectatorship and proposes how through the lens of human cognition we may achieve a better

understanding of interactivity within art. The notion of Transparent Act synopsises

multidisciplinary accounts and offers an experience-centered contribution to human-computer

relationships and their aesthetics. Unlike retrospective accounts of art this book resonates the

recent emerging practices of art as research and provides an inside-out viewpoint. This book is

intended for practicing artists as well for theorists and curators to gain new perspectives of how

interactive art may be practiced, presented, critiqued and engaged with. It includes number of

illustrations of presented concepts developed by the author in collaboration with designer Imre



Published by C3: Center for Culture & Communication Budapest &

Hungarian University of Fine Arts

Editor: Miklós Peternák

ISBN 978-963-88792-2-6

p. 252

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